About us


Who we are

Al-Rowad for stevedoring fze has pioneered the concept of stevedoring in Libya by providing professional services to support the growing shipping and cargo handling industry in Libya. Established in 2010, our free zone dry port has a total of 52000 square meters of fenced, controlled space to offer our clients unparalleled services to our clients.


The company is located within the Misurata Free Zone, and only 1km away from the ports main berthing area.


With over 52000 sqm of space we are the largest private dry port in the port of Misurata.


Al-Rowad was established in 2010 as the first private dry port in the city of Misurata,Libya.

Our goals

Through our licensed activities, we aim to provide distinguished services to our customers and customers by facilitating access them with information on their goods. In coordination with our shipping offices abroad. As well as shipping lines and shipping agents, as well as providing handling and storage services at a high degree of efficiency and speed after the arrival and delivery of the goods Them as quickly as possible to save effort and money.
In all of this, we seek to contribute to raising the wheel of the national economy and improving the lives of Libyan youth and their families by providing them with job opportunities

What we stand out for

  • Assigning experienced enumerators to continue work on the port berth while handling containers on the ship, recording notes and old damages, or that may caused to them during later works after being deported to our yard.
  • Assigning a highly experienced refrigeration and air conditioning technician working around the clock to following up and maintaining refrigerators and cases.
  • Skilled drivers with experience trained to work on these mechanisms.
  • A large number of mechanisms with large loads, equipment, employees, and modern systems for delivering goods and containers to customers. Work continues until the end of releases granted to customers, not all of which are limited to a specific time.
  • High-capacity power generators that operate 24 hours in case of need.
  • Small trafficking to work as container loader to assist with inspection work.